Accommodation Vysoké nad Jizerou

Penzion Barunka

Dear guests, I would like to invite you to our renovated and comfortably furnished family hotel. We can offer you cosy interiors suitable for relaxation or organizing lectures or courses.

Our family hotel is situated in the very centre of a small town called Vysoké nad Jizerou, on the border of the Giant and Jizerske Mountains.

The place and its close surroundings offer countless possibilities to spend your free time: hiking, bicycling, skiing and cross-counrty skiing.



  • 10.12.2016

    Skiareál Šachty

    Skiareál Šachty Vám v zimě nabízí 5x lyžařský vlek, 2x dětský vlek celkem 5,5 km sjezdových tratí pro všechny